Use of Hair Straighteners: How to do it

Smoothing brushes have been around for a lease. But be honest: have you ever been completely satisfied with the result, even just once? Obviously, this is a rhetorical question, because everyone knows the answer: no. Finally, the time has come to switch to the new technology. Almost today 60 to 70% women of the world are using hair straighteners. Let’s check below the way to straighten the hairs effectively.

Basically, straightening is a technique through which we durably modify the structure of the hair, making it more or less smooth depending on the desired effect. There are different kinds, with Brazilian smoothing and Japanese smoothing being the most popular.

Straightening Step by Step

First of all, know that hair straightening is a technique that is best left to hair professionals. Even if homemade hair straightening kits exist, they are often more concentrated in chemicals. Leave no room for doubt and do it at the hairdresser. The straightening takes place in 3 stages:

01 – The hairdresser begins by performing a hair diagnosis. This will help determine the nature of your hair and its sensitivity. If your Afro hair is too fragile because it has been damaged by previous treatments, the hairdresser may consider it preferable to regroup or even avoid straightening.

02 – An alkaline soda-based product is applied to the hair. It is responsible for breaking the hair fiber and allows it to give a new shape. Some hairdressers have developed softer herbal straightening techniques. The pause time of the product varies depending on the condition of your hair and its length.

03 – The hairdresser then deposits a neutralizing product which will reform the keratin layer and strengthen the hair fiber.

How Often to Straighten Hair

Straightening offers a permanent result. The lengths will remain smooth, but beware of regret! Hair will appear in its natural state at the roots. For uniform smoothing, only the roots should be taken up. Generally, it is advisable to leave a gap of 8 to 10 weeks between two straighteners on healthy hair, and up to 12 to 14 weeks if the hair is sensitive and very fine.

For hair straightening, the less you do, the better your hair will be. This is why Japanese smoothing (which lasts about 6 months) is a good solution.

How to maintain your Hair Straightening

Let me be clear: no straightening without care! The straightening technique makes the hair afro porous and therefore more sensitive to external attacks. It is therefore necessary to feed them as much as possible by applying a mask after each shampoo and by hydrating the hair with a serum. And don’t forget to continue the usual frizzy hair care.

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