There are various beauty products that promise a wide variety of benefits. Some products work wonders, and some are a disaster! People have been really vexed before buying skincare, hair care and any beauty product. It’s quite overwhelming to buy a product that really works and is not just a waste of money.

One mantra that can help you is that no beauty product, no hair and skincare product will give you drastic results. You need to use them regularly for at least 3 months before giving up! But it is not the only thing that you need to keep in mind before buying any product.

Here are some of the common misconceptions and myths that you need to know before buying any beauty product:

Misconception 1: The Product Packaging Should Be Attractive

Well, you should not judge a book by its cover! An attractive product packaging can be just to woo you and make you buy it. What matters is what is inside of that packaging. Generally, the products with simple attractive packaging and less branding give more benefits to your skin. Hence, it is advisable that you read the ingredients of the product before buying it.

Misconception 2: Usage of Creams Can Make You Shades Fairer

While beauty products do improve your appearance and make your skin glow, any beauty product can’t make you fair. No matter how costly and how luxurious creams you apply on your skin. Yes, you can improve your appearances, but nothing can change your natural skin tone. You should not expect a fairness cream to make you fair because it simply can’t. Embrace your natural beauty, it’s a gift from the almighty!

Misconception 3: More Product + More Application + More often = Better Result

Well, a product, if it works really according to your expectations, does not mean that you should over apply it to get better results. You should always follow the instructions given on the back of the product. Over-using may cause irritation, rashes or burns. This misconception can be fatal for your skin’s or hair’s health.

Misconception 4: SPF Should Only Apply On Your Skin When Stepping Out In The Sun

No, No, No! SPF should be applied irrespective of you stepping out in the sun or not. It does not only protect you from the UV rays but also prevents skin cancer, remove dark spots and prevents common signs of ageing. You should apply an SPF cream regularly on your skin to improve your skin’s complexion.

Misconception 5: No Product Shows Noticeable Changes Before 6 Weeks

You should understand that any product will not show results drastically. Like, you can’t get improved complexion in 7 days. You have to use the cream for at least 6 weeks regularly to some changes in your skin. It’s better not to change your products frequently as it damages your skin texture and affects your skin’s moisture balance adversely.

There are various myths about beauty products that you should know! Keep your expectations low and face reality with a brave heart!


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